BBR Universal Diffuser

BBR Universal Diffuser

Take your Mini-z racing to the next level with the BBR Diffuser!  How does a diffuser work?  The diffuser helps accelerate the flow of air under the chassis thus decreasing pressure allowing flow over top to create more downforce.  The diffuser also cleans up the air as it leaves the rear chassis and meets up with the air flowing over the body and wing. Diffuser Testing here-

This kit is universal, designed to fit PN Racing Mini-Z MR02/03 98-102mm V4 LCG Motor Mount Part Number MR2289

Universal diffuserkit. Modification may be required to fit the variety of bodies available.


    Manufactured using the FDM 3D printing process.  What is FDM? FDM is fused deposition modeling, a 3D printing process that melts plastic and deposits it layer by layer upon itself according to the 3D model.  This process allows rapid prototyping within .1mm tolerance.


    Each product is tested to withstand the use and abuse of wheel to wheel racing.  As with any racing product and design however, it's not absolutely impervious to damage.  Each piece comes with a 30-day warranty within the terms below. 


    If you are not fully satisfied, return your product for a full refund less shipping and handling. 


    If you have sustained damage beyond use, send it back and we will send a replacement less shipping and handling.


    We offer First Class shipping as well as USPS Priority Flat Rate. Each piece is shipped in its own zip locked bag packed in either a small padded envelope or a small/medium flat rate box.

Color: Black