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Go-Kart Kit for Mini-z MR-03

Go-Kart Kit for Mini-z MR-03

*.STL file for 3d printing only


3D Print the BBR Go-Kart conversion kit for the Kyosho Mini-Z MR-03.  Installation photos can be found here-



1x Driver

1x Pair of battery clips

1x Pair of side Aero bumpers

1x Front Aero bumper

1x Steering wheel

1x Steering column

1x Steering column deck


Hardware required (purchased separately)

1x M2x6mm Button Head screw for steering wheel

1x M2x6mm countersunk screw for steer column to deck

2x M2x5mm countersunk screws for attaching front bumper

Glue to attach the side aero bumpers to the battery clips

This is the specifications used for the Go-Kart in the pictures:

Printer-Ender 3

Filament- PLA

Nozzle- .4

Layer Height- .2 or smaller for great resolution

Supports- Add manual supports where needed depending on orientation of print

Nozzle Temp- 215 for PLA

Bed Temp- 60 for PLA

Top Layers-999

Bottom Layers-999

Perimeter shells-2

Infill-More is better if you wish to use less top and bottom layers.

Use supports for the battery clips.

You may angle the driver 30 degrees and use supports.

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